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Commercial Waste Management Services

Team Waste provides a suite of services and customized industry specific plans to commercial clients in the greater Memphis area. We pride ourselves in providing exemplary commercial waste collection services and easy waste disposal equipment rental at incredibly affordable rates.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporate operation, we provide a range of tailored packages to fit your waste collection needs.

Our dedicated team draws up custom strategies and solutions based on your needs, ensuring your waste is disposed of quickly, effectively, and responsibly.


Customized Equipment Solutions

In order to insure the most efficient and effective garbage removal service plans for your business we will analyze your company's trash disposal needs  and recommend the best equipment needed to service your business.

Upon learning more about your waste collection project, Team Waste will be able to suggest a best-fit solution, as well as recommend and install equipment. We can even make modifications to your existing equipment configurations to help your business run more efficiently and keep your rates as low as possible.

Roll-Off Rentals

Commercial Roll Off Rental

Team Waste provides 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard roll-off service in all locations. Roll-offs are long, metal, open top containers.

Front Load Dumpsters

Front Load Dumpster Rental

Team Waste provides front load dumpster rental service for 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard dumpsters.

Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors

Our team can help determine if a trash compactor is the most efficient and cost effective option for your business, construction site or commercial property.

Emerging Technology to Lower Trash Service Costs

At Team Waste We Use Technology to Save You Money and to Deliver Better Waste Collection Services

Team Waste believes technology plays a vital role in providing the best service at the fairest price to our customers. With the Mid-Souths newest and most technologically advanced fleet, we believe we are your best choice when it comes to waste collection needs. Give us a call today so you can see how technology in waste can help you save money and provide better waste collection service.

Industries We Serve

Retail & Office

Keep your storefront clean and your customers happy with custom waste removal packages. We offer waste pickup as well as advanced waste solutions to retail stores and commercial offices of all shapes and sizes.


Customized waste disposal packages are of the utmost importance for every single business in the restaurant industry. It’s important to keep your restaurant safe and sanitary for both your business’ reputation and your customer’s health. Team Waste is a reliable trash service that understands the specific needs of restaurants.

Commercial Property Management

Tenants have outstanding trash disposal needs. Team Waste provides a robust trash solution for commercial properties of all sizes. Keep your property looking move-in ready with an affordable waste disposal service. Living free of trash shouldn’t be a luxury. We provide trash pickup services so your guests can enjoy your property to its fullest.

Construction Sites

Construction projects are stressful enough as is. Considering the immensely complex task of managing construction waste should be taken care of by a reliable partner like Team Waste. Keep your projects going smoothly by safely and reliably disposing of your trash. Relying on an affordable waste disposal service will help you save time and money so you can concentrate on what’s important to you.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Our team can help you achieve compliance, reduce overhead, and optimize operations by providing specialized industrial waste disposal services. Team Waste understands the intricacies of consolidating and collecting industrial waste and knows how to reduce costs and maximize efficiency for even the most complex and demanding circumstances.


We care deeply about serving schools in need of waste disposal. Students should enjoy clean school grounds. The hallowed halls of education shouldn’t be littered with trash. We provide customized plans for both public and private institutions in the greater Memphis area. Our budget-friendly pricing and commitment to providing excellence to our clients allows for your place of learning to stay free of distractions.