Is Your Garbage Company Charging You with Hidden Fees?

Not if you are with Team Waste. From cable TV to online ticket vendors, utilities, airlines and hotels, companies are piling on more and more hidden fees that result in higher bills for consumer. Overall, 85% of Americans say they have encountered an unexpected or hidden fee in the past two years for a service they had used, according to a recent nationally representative survey of 2,057 U.S. adults, conducted by Consumer Reports (CR). Unfortunately, solid waste collection companies are no different. Overtime, the entire waste industry has snuck in hidden fees that can even cost you more than your actual payment for services!

Your Garbage Bill May Reflect Skyrocketing Hidden Fees

Waste companies now charge customers ever increasing Environmental Recovery Fees, Fuel Recovery Fees, Administrative Fees, and now even COVID-19 fees without much justification or rise in actual costs. Waste collection companies even charge these fees when actual operation costs, such as fuel, are going down. Charges for paper invoices are also a common fee charged to “recoup” paper and mailing cost, yet the fee is usually higher than the actual cost. In addition, some major companies are charging customers exuberant surcharges for extra materials being outside or on top of waste containers. These extra fees and surcharges, on top of yearly rate increases, make a good waste collection rate balloon into an unmanageable expense for your business.

At Team Waste We Provide All-Inclusive Pricing – No Hidden Fees

Here at Team Waste, we believe that customer service is the bloodline of our industry. We measure our success not on dollars earned, but on the relationships we build with our customers overtime. To that end, Team Waste does not charge any of its customer’s hidden fees. We believe in providing superior service at a fair and reasonable price. Creating more fees and surcharges for our customers is not a strategy that fits within our beliefs. With Team Waste as your waste solutions partner, we will provide
all-inclusive pricing and tailor fit your service agreement to your needs.

We Provide Our Customers Exceptional Service with Fair Pricing

Next time you receive your waste collection invoice from your current provider, double check to see if they are charging you hidden fees. Most will be shocked and discover they have been paying for multiple fees for a long time without even knowing. If this is the case for you, Team Waste encourages you to give our Team a call so we can help you establish a better and fairer waste collection solution. As an independent family owned and operated business, we lack the corporate gimmicks and tricks of the trade. Instead, we stick to what we know best—taking care of our customers by providing superior customer service at a fair price with the Mid-Souths best in class fleet of waste collection vehicles.

Let Us Help You Tackle Your Waste Management Problems

We will create a specific game plan for you to implement effective, cost efficient waste management strategies for your organization, city or next great event! From commercial waste management services for businesses, construction and special events, to excellent residential trash collection services for municipalities and individual households we provide customized solutions particular to your needs. We also provide an adaptable range of services for industrial needs and modern recycling services and educations for communities and individuals.



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