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Garbage Waste Safety Tips

Garbage Waste Safety Tips

Garbage Waste Safety Tips

Here are a few of Team Waste’s tips to keep you safe while you dispose of your waste:

1. Keep chemicals out.

Batteries, oil, paint, pool chemicals, and fluorescent lamps all have hazardous chemicals present in them. For that reason, it’s important to keep them out of your household trash. Contact your local county to see how they recommend disposing of these chemicals.

2. Never dispose of combustible materials in household trash.

There are special disposal procedures for combustible materials like lighter fluid. Be sure to check with your county as to the specific regulations and resources available to you. Usually, there are special hazardous pickup protocols. Arranging special waste pickup is essential for combustible materials.

3. Fully extinguish coals and ash.

Be sure to place your coals and ash within a closed metal container and pour water on them to ensure they are fully extinguished. Be sure to do this before you dispose of them in the trash. This greatly decreases the likelihood of ignition.