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Technology’s Role in Lowering Trash Services Cost

Technology’s Role in Lowering Trash Services Cost

At Team Waste We Use Technology to Save You Money and to Deliver Better Waste Collection Services

Over the past decade, new emerging technologies have revolutionized numerous industries, products, and services. Many come to mind, but none of these advancements seem to apply to the solid waste business. After all, how complex can picking up waste be? At first blush, this may seem to be the case, but in reality, there have been many new technologies available to waste collection companies to increase productivity, lower cost, and provide better services for their customers.

Here at Team Waste, we believe our use of technology is a key differentiator between the competition and us. All Team Waste construction and demolition collection vehicles are equipped with tablets that provide drivers with their daily route sheets routed in sequence through sophisticated routing software. Through these tablets, our Team can make adjustments in real time by re-routing either a single route or the entire fleet without having to make a single call to a driver. This allows for safer driving practices, and allows us to make adjustments to meet customer needs. Drivers can also use their tablets to communicate route progress and report site issues to our office staff. This allows us to better estimate collection service completion, and solve site issues that could cause a delay to collection service completion faster.

Our residential and front-end fleet utilizes a service verification software with onboarding computer that captures real time route collection services. In addition, our trucks are equipped with up to six cameras giving our back office a birds-eye view of all daily collection routes. When initially delivered, waste containers are geo-located to their exact site or home location. Then when serviced, a time stamp is confirmation of service is created along with actual video footage of the service being completed. This helps verify service completion for customers, resolve site issues or incidents, improve driver training, and provide a higher quality of service to our customers.

Lastly, our front-end fleet is equipped with onboard scales that weigh each container emptied on route. This enables us to conduct precise customer weight audits. These audits can give us insights into whether a customer is currently being over serviced or potentially under serviced. The vast majority of time, we find customers have been over serviced by previous haulers without even knowing. This has led to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars for businesses. With customer weight audits, Team Waste can help right size a business’s waste collection needs in order to save them money over the long term.

Team Waste believes technology plays a vital role in providing the best service at the fairest price to our customers. With the Mid-Souths newest and most technologically advanced fleet, we believe we are your best choice when it comes to waste collection needs. Give us a call today so you can see how technology in waste can help you save money and provide better waste collection service.