Roll Off Container

Team Waste provides 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard roll-off service in all locations. Roll-offs are long, metal, open top containers.

Below, you’ll see a picture with the dimensions of each size along with a description of what can best fit in the roll-off and what type of jobs they are suited for.

If you have any questions about roll-offs call our office 901.300.3263. and we will connect you with a member of our sales team immediately call you back to assist you with questions about the type of material you need to place in it, arrange a pick-up schedule to fit your needs or give you pricing. Customer service is our number one priority.

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20 Yard Roll Off Container

30 Yard Roll Off Container

40 Yard Roll Off Container


Team Waste offers compactors to meet the needs of customers who generate large quantities of compactable material or have limited space for the collection of the material. Our compactors are ideal for high traffic areas in cities and towns including community centers, parks and beaches. Restaurants and apartment complexes also find compactors excellent solutions for their waste collection needs.

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