Residential Trash Services

Residential Trash Services

We currently provide residential collection services for nearly 17,000 homes through municipal contracts with Marshall County, Holly Springs, and Potts Camp Mississippi, and City of Lakeland of Tennessee. If you are a resident of any of these communities we serve, we appreciate you being a part of the “Team”! Team Waste is passionate about the communities we serve, and we hope your community can join our “Team” soon. If you have any questions or concerns regarding residential collection services, please reach out to one of our “Team” members 901-300-3263 or you can reach out to your local town hall or administrative.

Trash Removal

Team Waste offers safe and dependable curbside trash pickup and disposal. Top quality containers are provided for use in your home.


We take away the inconvenience of recycling by doing it for you. With our curbside recycling pickup, there is no sorting necessary. We take your paper, plastics and metals to the recycling center for you--simple and convenient.

Yard Waste and Bulk Items

Whether you're finishing up a weekly yard cleanup or a big seasonal landscaping, we provide easy curbside removal of grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves. We offer removal of bulk items--furniture, appliances and other things too large to fit in your trash container--so you don't have to haul them to the landfill yourself.